Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein: A Nightmare On Elm Street (original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Charles Bernstein
Title: A Nightmare On Elm Street (original Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Charles's Berstein's score to the 1984 horror-classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is not only a classic of the genre but also one of the most memorable scores of the 1980's. A mix of creepy synths, off-kilter nursery rhymes and heavy rhythmic percussion filtered with just enough distortion to offer up a real sense of dread.

1.1 Prologue
1.2 Main Title
1.3 Laying the Traps
1.4 Dream Attack
1.5 Rod Hanged/Night Stalking
1.6 Jail Cell
1.7 Confrontation
1.8 Sleep Clinic
1.9 Terror in the Tub
1.10 No Escape
1.11 School Horror/Stay Awake
1.12 Lurking
1.13 Telephone Terror
1.14 Fountain of Blood
1.15 Evil Freddy
1.16 Final Search
1.17 Run Nancy
1.18 Horror Movie (Source Cue)
1.19 Nancy Glen
1.20 Funeral
1.21 Freddy's Hat
1.22 Bridge Talk
1.23 Bars on Windows
1.24 Freddy's Glove
1.25 Dad at Glen's
1.26 Boiler Room
1.27 Show Yourself
1.28 Morning After
1.29 Stingers

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