Charles Ketcham

Charles Ketcham: In Search of the Sacred

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Artist: Charles Ketcham

Artist: Charles Ketcham
Title: In Search of the Sacred

With this recording of Gurdjieff - de Hartmann music, the invitation to all is to search for the meaning of the music; created to assist the journey inward.This volume is the first in a series of recordings, in which the musician and the listeners are called to be actively engaged in how to receive this music as a vibration corresponding to the whole Human Being.

1.1 Rejoice!
1.2 Armenian Song, No 1
1.3 Sayyid Dance
1.4 As If the Stormy Years Had Passed
1.5 Hymn in C Major
1.6 Prayer and Despair
1.7 Greek Melody, No. 1
1.8 Dervish Dance
1.9 Moorish Dance (Dervish)
1.10 Kurdish Song (Sayyid)
1.11 Kurd Melody from Isfahan
1.12 Moderator in C minor
1.13 Sayyid Chant and Dance, No. 8
1.14 Dervish Dance, No. 5
1.15 Sayyid Chant and Dance, No. 1
1.16 Song of the Fisherwomen
1.17 Mamasha
1.18 Struggle of the Magicians, Fragment No. 3 ; 3A
1.19 Easter Hymn and Proocession in the Holy Night

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