Charles Milling

Charles Milling: Soul Mother

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Artist: Charles Milling

Artist: Charles Milling
Title: Soul Mother

Born and raised in New Orleans, Charles Milling grew up feeling time backwards. Rock and Pop had conviction and smack yet lacked a he superimposed it in his imagination. Folk and Classical lacked smack and jam, so he re-did the pieces he liked to his own drum tracks and bass lines. Jazz chord changes were exquisite but needed kick and snare to move them along. Funk songs had pocket but often trite lyrical content. Thus, Charles Milling has been creating his own form of songwriting and arranging that is his own version of 'perfection' from the age of ten. At sixteen years of age, Charles had found his drummer, bassist and pianist... it just took him seven years to pluck up the courage to ask them to play his music. These guys played time just like his songs were intended to be played. They also played with a vibrance and exuberance most first-rate musicians would turn their noses up at. Four years after their first concert together at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans, the band finally has it's first release: 'Soul Mother'. If you are open to a new form of music that is uninhibited, glad, unhinged, poetic and ecstatic, then you've come to the right place... Charles Milling: Lead Vocals and Guitar Ronald Markham: Piano, Organ and Rhodes. Jermaine Williams: Bass and Drums James Williams: Drums Lance Seiler: Percussion Fran McKendree: Dulcimer Tess Bath and Ben Bagby: Backing Vocals Clyde Kerr, Jr.: Trumpet Kelsea McKeever: 'Oo's' on Dragonfly Mixed by Casey Wood @ The Insanery, Nashville, TN Mastered @ Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN Tracked all over the map from Houston to New Orleans to Delray Beach, to Hendersonville, NC... Please tell charles what you think!

1.1 Alone
1.2 Back to You
1.3 Curtains and Candles
1.4 Fire Love
1.5 Dare Do Way
1.6 Are You with Me?
1.7 Stargaze
1.8 Dragonfly
1.9 Thick As Thieves
1.10 Trustfall
1.11 Back to You (Outtake)
1.12 Stargaze (Outtake)

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