Charles Moore

Charles Moore: Naked Songs for Shower Singers Volume Iv

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Charles Moore

Title: Naked Songs for Shower Singers Volume Iv
Label: CD Baby

This fourth and final volume of the four-volume album, 'Naked Songs For Shower Singers' is comprised of those songs which are Gospel oriented, inspirational, soul-healing songs, with messages from deep within my heart and soul. 'Reachin' For Butterflies' was inspired by, and contains words spoken by my wife of forty-two she was dying of has brought tears to many people, and has helped them to deal with the horrors of cancer and other maladies. It truly is a philosophical, soul-healing offering...and I hope to some day have the honor of having it recorded by I was directed by Divine Inspiration to request...Y'all help me out, and lobby her to record it! She has the capacity to reach the millions of sufferers that I could only dream of reachin' heal their hearts! Thank you for your interest in my all a capella, all original, art form...thank you from my heart to yours...and from 'Soul To Soul'...

1.1 Ever Since I Met You, Jesus
1.2 From TH' Heart!
1.3 Holy Spirit Guide
1.4 Lord's Whole Armor
1.5 Reachin' for Butterflies!
1.6 Sonshine on TH' Wall
1.7 Soul to Soul
1.8 This Side of TH' Curtain
1.9 Try TH' Wine from a Different Vine
1.10 Who Gives This Girl Away?

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