Charles Morton

Charles Morton: Word That Rhymes Every Time Version 2.0

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Artist: Charles Morton

Artist: Charles Morton
Title: Word That Rhymes Every Time Version 2.0

The inspiration of hope delivered in heart riveting style!

1.1 Swop and Vop Baby (Feat. Chanesa Jackson)
1.2 Swop and Vop (Song) (Feat. Chanesa Jackson)
1.3 Blinded By the Light
1.4 Flying High
1.5 The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away
1.6 Devil in "D" Hood
1.7 The Word
1.8 The Zone
1.9 He Did It All
1.10 Still Standing
1.11 Spiritual Operator (Feat. Chanesa Jackson)
1.12 Spiritual Operator (Song) (Feat. Chanesa Jackson)
1.13 Things in the Hood

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