Charles Xavier

Charles Xavier: Happy Note Records Sampler 2016

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Charles Xavier

Title: Happy Note Records Sampler 2016
Label: Ind Dist Collective

2016 release. Charles Xavier - AKA The Xman - is a visionary producer, composer, electronic musician and percussionist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a work ethic matched only by his creative madness, Xavier is releasing his sixth full-length album, Happy Note Records Sampler 2016. This powerful new compilation spans 20 plus years of The Xman's releases, featuring contributions from Satori, The Messengers, and genres including jazz, electronic, new age and ambient music. In the past 30 years, Xavier has built multiple businesses, was a key contributor to a million-dollar audio recording business, and has undertaken several endeavors in music. His own independent record label Happy Note Records is a multifaceted entertainment company promoting "Unconventional Music for Unconventional Minds."

1.1 We Talk
1.2 A Year's Past
1.3 Eye Witness News
1.4 The Dreamer
1.5 Into the Beyond and Back
1.6 Hollywood and Heaven
1.7 Stomp'n at Round Midnight
1.8 After Hours
1.9 Perfect Mold
1.10 The King Has Come
1.11 So Alone
1.12 I Sat Outside There
1.13 You Know You Know
1.14 Christmas Day Is Almost Here
1.15 Silent Night

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