Charlesworth / Herchenroder: Nocturnes

Charlesworth / Herchenroder: Nocturnes
Title: Nocturnes
Label: Zig Zag Territories

Since the dawn of time, night and it's mysteries have inspired poets and musicians. This recital for voice and piano recalls that: it is presented as a nocturnal promenade through diverse aesthetics, troubling atmospheres and profoundly contrasting emotions. The programme features the known (Schubert, Brahms, Faure´) and the lesser known (Bax, Finzi or Berkeley) to form a fascinating ode to the night.

1.1 1. Clair de Lune
1.2 2. Sleep
1.3 3. Der Jungling Und Der Tod
1.4 4. Serenade Florentine
1.5 5. Carry Her Over the Water
1.6 6. Der Wanderer An Den Mond
1.7 7. the Comet at Yell'ham
1.8 08. Der Gang Zum Liebchen
1.9 09. Night Cover Up the Rigid Land
1.10 10. Eyes Loo Into the Well
1.11 11. Kling Leise, Mein Lied
1.12 12. Ständchen
1.13 13. L'heure Exquise
1.14 14. An Die Laute
1.15 15. Vous M'avez Regardé Avec Toute Votre me

Charlesworth / Herchenroder: Nocturnes

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