Charley Patton

Charley Patton: I'm Going Home

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Charley Patton

Artist: Charley Patton
Title: I'm Going Home
Product Type: VINYL LP

Down At Dawn present a collection of Charley Patton 's recordings titled I'm Going Down. At the very root of American music through the voice of one it's originator. The so called "Voice of the Delta" aka Charley Patton. A great introduction to his world and music with a bunch of literally immortal songs coming from Patton's legendary early thirties recording dates. "Mississippi Boweavil", "Tom Rushen Blues", and "High Water Everywhere" are just a few of the timeless classic tunes selected here.

1.1 Pony Blues
1.2 A Spoonful Blues
1.3 Down the Dirt Road Blues
1.4 Prayer of Death Pt.1
1.5 Screamin' ; Hollerin' the Blues
1.6 Banty Rooster Blues
1.7 Hammer Blues [Take 1]
1.8 High Water Everywhere Pt.1
2.1 Tom Rushen Blues
2.2 It Won't Be Long
2.3 Shake It ; Break It
2.4 Pea Vine Blues
2.5 Mississippi Boweavil Blues
2.6 Lord I'm Discouraged
2.7 I'm Goin' Home
2.8 I Shall Not Be Moved [Take 1]

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