Charlie Barnett

Charlie Barnett: Blue Chevrolet

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Artist: Charlie Barnett

Artist: Charlie Barnett
Title: Blue Chevrolet

The Blue Chevrolet: This is a piece about being twelve years old and going on vacation with my family. Each Summer my Mother and Father would load luggage, food, me and my four sisters into our Chevrolet station wagon and drive from Fredericks- burg, Virginia to Damariscotta Maine for a two-week vacation at my grandfather's cabin on Lake Damarascotta. This was before Route 95 and we drove the entire three days north on old route one. The Brooklyn Affair: I was not sure what this piece was about until Natalie Moffett-Smith choreographed the second move- ment for her dance company. I think that it is about pocket- books. Janice Martin performs the violin solo with with an intense rock and roll energy. She's a great player And a great performer.

1.1 The Blue Chevrolet
1.2 Ah, the Scenic Overlook
1.3 The Detour, the Argument, and Finally, the Map
1.4 Home
1.5 An Intriguing Pocketbook (Andante)
1.6 Subway Chase (Allegro)
1.7 Late Night, Slow Train (Largo)
1.8 Loose Change (Presto Waltz)

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