Charlie Hunter: Copperopolis

Charlie Hunter: Copperopolis
Title: Copperopolis
Label: Rope-A-Dope

Now together for over 5 years, having toured the world, the Charlie Hunter Trio follows up 2003's Friends Seen and Unseen with Copperopolis, same 3 guys, but different in one big way. And the addition of John Ellis' playing both the wurlizer and melodica opened up a lot of space for Charlie to simply shred. Recorded in New Orleans during 2004's JazzFest, this is the album fans have been calling on for years. Rope a Dope. 2006.

1.1 Cueball Bobbin... (C. Hunter)
1.2 Frontman (C. Hunter)
1.3 Swamba Redux (C. Hunter / J. Ellis)
1.4 Copperopolis (C. Hunter)
1.5 Blue Sock (C. Hunter)
1.6 The Pursuit Package (C. Hunter / D. Phillips)
1.7 A Street Fight Could Break Out (C. Hunter)
1.8 Drop the Rock (C. Hunter)
1.9 Think of One (Thelonius Monk)

Charlie Hunter: Copperopolis

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