Charlie Landsborough

Charlie Landsborough: Gold Collection

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Product Type: CD

Title: Gold Collection
Label: Crimson Productions

Three CD set. In the words of The Roy Le Family's Ricky Tomlinson, "Charlie Landsborough is another of those singing sensations who found overnight success and stardom in only just under 30 years!!". At the age of 53, Charlie scored his first hit record with the Irish chart topper, 'What Colour Is The Wind', in 1994. The parent album also reached #1 in the Irish album charts, removing Garth Brooks from the top spot and fought off fierce competition from Celine Dion. In the UK, Charlie Landsborough has sold more than 750, 000 albums, including four Silver and one Gold status albums! Charlie has received countless country music awards. In 1996 and 1998, he received most nominations. His songs have been covered by artists including Daniel O'Donnell, Foster & Allen, Jack Jones, Pat Boone, and George Hamilton IV. This 57-track collection includes a vast selection from across his catalog of more than 20 albums.

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