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Charlie Lustman: Shaya

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Artist: Charlie Lustman

Artist: Charlie Lustman
Title: Shaya

CANCER did not stop me from finishing, SHAYA, my second studio release. I survived surgery and chemotherapy and life has never been better. This collection of songs and recordings started back in 2003 when I had to fight the 'Immigration Man' in order to get my girl- -friend into the U.S.A., I won. They gave us 90 days to prove our marriage, so we drove up Hwy. 1 from Los Angeles to Big Sur where I pledged my allegiance to my alien (on the 89th day). It wasn't long after that we were pregnant with our first 'Baby' son, Shaya. 'Waiting For Shaya' was a nine month trip and 32 grueling hours of labor. Finally we had to cut him free into this 'World Of Wonder' and 'Daddy's Life' has never been the same. Being a father has been humbling for sure. My ancestors are from Eastern Europe and my wife is from 'Costa Rica'. One day he will long for palm trees and the ocean breeze and know where to find them. He is lucky to be here. I am lucky to be here. You see, my father is a holocaust survivor who endured a death camp for years before being set free. It was his determination to return to his family, and to 'Believe In Love', that helped him to survive the worst of mankind. Now a new generation has risen and I wonder 'Who Will He Be'? Whatever he dreams to be. So many things Shaya loves. I wrote, 'That's What You Love', in between surgeries. My studio engineer thought I was crazy when I came hobbling into the studio with a new song ready to sing even though I was missing half of my upper jaw. It's amazing what energy a new song can provide. You know, life throws you curves and you just gotta smack it out of the park! Well, I used to think, 'It's All About Me', but my son has a different opinion about that. In the end, the real hero in my life is my wife, Ri, the 'Mother Of My Son'. This album is dedicated to my partner and to all parents and people who.... believe in love. Charlie.

1.1 Music Box
1.2 Immigration Man
1.3 Baby
1.4 Waiting for Shaya
1.5 World of Wonder
1.6 Daddy's Life
1.7 Costa Rica
1.8 Believe in Love
1.9 Who Will He Be
1.10 That's What You Love
1.11 It's All About Me
1.12 Shayalala
1.13 Mother of My Son

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