Charlie: Magic Pumpkin

Charlie: Magic Pumpkin
Title: Magic Pumpkin
Label: CD Baby

Charlie is a musician with deep roots in Birmingham. His debut album "Magic Pumpkin" represents a journey through his personal history and creative imagination and utilises folk, blues, celtic and rock influences to produce a sound-scape that is thoughtful and creatively peaceful. Funky numbers such as Tramps and On Any Given Night are balanced by the melodic images conjured up by songs such as For Those Who Kiss Toads and Whole Inner Smile and the truthful soliloquies of April Sun, Princess R.A.G. and Musical Slideshow. Over The Hills and Far Away. 2009. Takes the traditional war song made popular by John Tams in the ITV series Sharpe and revitalises it with poignant insights into modern theatres of war. Charlie represents a fragment of the music scene in Birmingham but sings and plays with an eloquence rare in today's music and should be enjoyed by anybody willing to relax and listen.

1.1 Tramps
1.2 Intro
1.3 April Sun
1.4 For Those Who Kiss Toads
1.5 On Any Given Night
1.6 A Song for You
1.7 Whole Inner Smile
1.8 Princess R.A.G
1.9 The Prince Utopia
1.10 Musical Slideshow
1.11 Epitaph
1.12 Over the Hills and Far Away 2009

Charlie: Magic Pumpkin

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