Charlie Mariano

Charlie Mariano: Mirror

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Artist: Charlie Mariano

Artist: Charlie Mariano
Title: Mirror

CD reissue of this 1970 album by Jazz saxophonist and flutist, Charlie Mariano. A seminal electric session from Charlie Mariano - one recorded after his shift from bop-based work into trippy, more psychedelic influences - and one of his few American dates from the time! The record has Charlie working on soprano and alto sax, with a group that includes Pat Rebillot on electric piano and organ, Tony Levine on bass, and David Spinozza on guitar - all grooving along with the reeds in a stretched-out, tripped-out kind of way - a mixture of jazz and some Eastern influences, but always held together nicely - without some of the overindulgence of some other Mariano records from the period. Charlie's solos are still icy as ever, but much freer than on his classic work, and with definite post-Coltrane influences - and titles include "Madras", "Himalaya", "Vasi Bindu", and "Mirror", which has vocals by Asha Pulthi!. Wounded Bird. 2006.

1.1 Himalaya
1.2 Shout
1.3 F Minor Happy
1.4 Theme from Summer of '42
1.5 Mirror
1.6 Vast Bindu (Raindrops)
1.7 Madras

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