Charlie Peacock

Charlie Peacock: No Man's Land

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Charlie Peacock

Title: No Man's Land
Label: Twenty Ten Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2012 album from the veteran singer, songwriter and producer. No Man's Land is his ninth solo outing, and his first vocal recording in 12 years. The album, which began it's gestation over a three-day break between other productions, is the culmination of a lifetime of making music. 'For anyone with the desire to, I wanted this record to be the kind you could really get lost in. It's filled with the sonic imprint of an era past: The sound of American musicians who worked hard to make a life, make a new kind of music, make a nation.' He continues 'There's pedal steel meets a horn section, there's too much drinkin' and thinkin', fiddles wail, there's a kiss like a peach, and of course, there's the usual waiting on the voice of the Lord.' Peacock recorded No Man's Land at his home studio, the Art House, a restored hundred-year-old church in Nashville, Tennessee.

1.1 Death Trap
1.2 Mystic
1.3 Voice of the Lord
1.4 Kite in a Tree
1.5 Deep Inside a Word
1.6 Let the Dog Back in the House
1.7 Beauty Left the Book
1.8 Till My Body Comes Undone
1.9 Thinkin' Till the Crack of Dawn
1.10 Ghost of the Kitty Cat
1.11 Only You Can
1.12 Satellites

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