Charlie Poole

Charlie Poole: With the North Carolina Ramblers & the Highlanders

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Charlie Poole

Title: With the North Carolina Ramblers & the Highlanders
Label: JSP Records

The '60s folk revival celebrated the utterly unique Charlie Poole, whose banjo mastery and straight-faced vocals inspired the future pioneers of bluegrass. Here are 96 cuts on 4 CDs, his greatest '20s performances and those of his band, who carried on after his untimely death: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down; Wild Horse; Goodbye Booze; Bill Mason; Sunset March; Blue Eyes, and more!

1.1 Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee
1.2 I'm the Man That Rode the Mule Around the World
1.3 Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister
1.4 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues
1.5 Flyin' Clouds
1.6 Wild Horse
1.7 Forks of Sandy
1.8 Mountain Reel
1.9 Goodbye Booze
1.10 Monkey on a String
1.11 Brave Engineer
1.12 Too Young to Marry
1.13 Ragtime Annie
1.14 Leaving Home
1.15 Budded Rose
1.16 There'll Come a Time
1.17 White House Blues
1.18 Highwayman
1.19 Hungry Hash House
1.20 If I Lose, I Don't Care
1.21 You Ain't Talkin' to Me
1.22 From Tennessee
1.23 Letter That Never Came
1.24 Falling By the Wayside
2.1 Take a Drink on Me
2.2 Sunset March
2.3 Wreck of the Virginian No. 3
2.4 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Medley
2.5 Please Papa Come Home
2.6 Old Clay Pipe
2.7 Write a Letter to My Mother
2.8 Poor Little Joe
2.9 We Will Outshine the Sun
2.10 Walking on the Streets of Glory
2.11 I Cannot Call Her Mother
2.12 Pearl Bryant
2.13 Take Back the Ring
2.14 Give My Love to Nell
2.15 My Mother and My Sweetheart
2.16 She Is Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage
2.17 Bill Mason
2.18 Kitty Blye
2.19 I'm Glad I'm Married
2.20 Sweet Sunny South
2.21 Blue Eyes
2.22 Bluefield Murder
2.23 I'll Be There Mary Dear
2.24 What Is Home Without Love
2.25 There'll Come a Time
3.1 George Collins
3.2 As We Parted at the Gate
3.3 There's a Mother Old and Gray Who Needs Me Now
3.4 Sweet Refrain
3.5 Budded Roses
3.6 Take Me Back to Home and Mother
3.7 Young Boy Left His Home One Day
3.8 My Wife Went Away and Left Me
3.9 I Once Loved a Sailor
3.10 Husband and Wife Were Angry One Night
3.11 Ramblin' Blues
3.12 Took My Gal A-Walkin'
3.13 What Is Home Without Babies
3.14 Jealous Mary
3.15 Old and Only in the Way
3.16 Shootin' Creek
3.17 Bill Mason
3.18 Goodbye Mary Dear
3.19 Leaving Dear Old Ireland
3.20 Baltimore Fire
3.21 Sweet Sunny South
3.22 He Rambled
4.1 Under the Double Eagle - Highlanders, Charlie Poole
4.2 Richmond Square - Highlanders, Charlie Poole
4.3 Flop Eared Mule - Highlanders, Charlie Poole
4.4 Lynchburg Town - Highlanders, Charlie Poole
4.5 San Antonio - Freddy Newman, Charlie Poole
4.6 What Is a Home Without Babies - Freddy Newman, Charlie Poole
4.7 Tennessee Blues - Highlanders, Charlie Poole
4.8 May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister - Highlanders, Charlie Poole
4.9 Trip to New York, Pt. 1: On the Train - Charlie Poole
4.10 Trip to New York, Pt. 2: The Audition - Charlie Poole
4.11 Trip to New York, Pt. 3: In New York - Charlie Poole
4.12 Trip to New York, Pt. 4: In the Studio - Charlie Poole
4.13 Sweet Sixteen
4.14 My Gypsy Girl
4.15 Only Girl I Ever Loved
4.16 Write a Letter to My Mother
4.17 If the River Was Whiskey
4.18 It's Movin' Day
4.19 Southern Medley
4.20 Honeysuckle
4.21 Goodbye Sweet Liza Jane - Charlie Poole
4.22 Look Before You Leap - Charlie Poole
4.23 Just Keep Waiting Till the Good Time Comes - Charlie Poole
4.24 Milwaukee Blues - Charlie Poole
4.25 Where the Whipoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight - Charlie Poole

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