Charlie Wiener: Small Truths for Sale at Tony's Place

Charlie Wiener: Small Truths for Sale at Tony&
Title: Small Truths for Sale at Tony's Place
Label: CD Baby

Charlie Wiener Charlie Wiener's release, Small Truth's For Sale at Tony's Place is a culmination of a life spent on the road singing, writing and playing music and 32 years of standup comedy. Though the album is all music it also represents Mr. Wiener's unique sense of humor. The songs range from very serious thought provoking tunes, 'Paper Faces', 'Hanging Tree' to fun rocking songs ' Two Days From Tucson', Friend of Mine' and 'It Ain't a Bike' and funny, ' Shut Up and Leave' and June Cleaver' Considered his finest work to date we feel everyone will find something to love about the new CD. Charlie has shared the stage over the years with the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Newman, John Prine and The Roches as well as rock notables Eddie Money, Jefferson Starship, Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren and many others. He has performed thousands of shows in nightclubs and colleges from Florida to Alaska, New York to California and Ontario to Manitoba. It is the one thing he truly does well. 'It's almost uncanny the way singer-songwriter Charlie Wiener echoes the late Warren Zevon on 'The Lake's Too Rough' on his latest disc, 'Small Truths For Sale at Tony's Place'. Wiener not only has Zevon's phrasing and gravely voice, but he also shares wit and ability to identify with the working man. Wienr, who worked as a comic for years, spins good stories and makes them humorous. And the music is solid too!. Wiener's strength is straightforward narratives...he's make Zevon proud. Jeff Neisel-The Free Times 'Everyone knows Charlie Wiener is funny...the really on the ball people know Wiener can bring it musically as well. Small Truths For Sale is a more than respectable follow up to Ghosts in the Windws, Wiener's return to music making after 15 years of leaving 'em laughing on the road. Comedy aside, Wiener can write a mean tune, whether it's country, rock or blues. And don't assume that everything on Small Truths is witty or hysterical, although much of it certainly is. Behind every clown is someone really pissed off at the world and Wiener gets plenty serious on tunes like 'Paper Faces' and 'Hanging Tree'. But mirth is still Wiener's bread and butter and offerings such as 'It's not a Bike,' 'Shut Up and Leave', and 'Mrs. Wieners' New Do' deliver mightily.' Steve Byrne-The Scene Ghosts in the Windows addresses the missing aspect of the man: the serious singer/songwriter. 'Ghosts' is Wiener's attempt at bringing it all back home. With tales of vets, condemned men, teachers stalking their dreams, the ghosts of the title are the people who've passed through Wiener's life. 'Homespun and warm, it is at times awkward to watch the jester cry...yet there's catharsis here, too. But these impressions define him no less than the jokes'. - Holly Gleason, Free Times 'Wiener has every right to be proud of 'Ghosts in the Windows'. It made him stretch lyrically and musically. Wiener's brand of country folk is a bit reminiscent of John Prine...His vocals are robust and mature. The playing and production are top notch, too. Wiener penned all of the songs except one, and they transition effortlessly between the deeply heartfelt and the utterly lighthearted'. - Nick Stavarz, Revue Magazine ''Ghosts' is equal parts Johnny Cash and Fred Eaglesmith. Wiener has put together a capable cast of backing musicians who keep the album's mix of country rock and western swing consistent. In 'Ordinary People' Wiener identifies with the working class men sent to fight in wars and fills the song with vivid description of bone cold winters. Ballads such as 'Most of All', 'All I Ask' and 'Patiently' are beautifully played and Wiener sings in a gentle voice. Tracks such as 'Rodeo Rider' and 'Don't Want to Die' are infected with the pain of lost dreams that Wiener can capture so well'. Jeff Niesel-Scene Magazine 'Bill Lewis, the program director over at WNCX, has said the album reminds him of the late Harry Chapin. The songs made me think of John Prine, but Wiener's voice reminds me a little of Johnny Cash's lonesome vibrato. There are two songs on the album that are particularly lively and fun. 'Smiling Dog Blues' rocks pretty good and 'The Ballad of Johnny Mogul' has a 'Hot Rod Lincoln' kind of feel to it. Alex Bevan has a wistful cowboy tune on it called 'Rodeo Rider', but all the rest are Charlie Wiener playing and singing about heartache, heartbreak and the many ways time and life get away from you while you're not looking. Very un-Wieneresque. - Michael Heaton, 'The folk music scene in town is pretty depressing. There are only two clubs consistently presenting folk music...The only act creating any excitement is Charlie Wiener...completely unpredictable. He begins a show with pretty folk and country music and a half hour later he'll be immersed in bonzoid idiocy. 'Charlie Wiener is the Iggy Pop of folk music. He's a cross between Johnny Cash and Bozo with a strong dose of gas station Punk thrown in. He effortlessly combines serious folk ballads with jack off material. Totally incomprehensible. 'Consistently turns out good original material.' Charlie Wiener has shared the stage with: Gordon Lightfoot John Prine Randy Newman The Roches Eddie Money Willie Nelson The Outlaws Jefferson Starship Jeff Beck Todd Rundgren Cheap Trick Meatloaf Tom Petty The Tubes Alice Cooper Sawyer Brown Mary Travers Dave Bromberg The UFO's Dr. Hook As well as being a founding member of such notable regional bands as The Ninth Street Pier, The Great Bah Wah Revue and Rocket From the Tombs.

1.1 The Lake's Too Rough
1.2 Shut Up and Leave
1.3 Another Cowboy Lament
1.4 Paper Faces
1.5 Fall, in Love
1.6 Two Days from Tucson
1.7 Hanging Tree
1.8 Mrs. Wiener's New Do
1.9 June Cleaver
1.10 East Jababadad
1.11 It Ain't a Bike
1.12 Friend of Mine
1.13 Ghosts, Bourbon and Memories

Charlie Wiener: Small Truths for Sale at Tony's Place

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