Charm Ray

Charm Ray: Invisible Boy

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Artist: Charm Ray

Artist: Charm Ray
Title: Invisible Boy

Sometimes described as 'Austin Brit Pop,' other times as 'Acoustic Erasure,' Charm Ray has struck a nerve with it's combination of intelligent lyrics, well-crafted songwriting, and meaningful pop tunes. 'Invisible Boy,' Charm Ray's debut album, is essentially the work of Chicago singer-songwriter, Greg Lanier, who formed Charm Ray to explore the sweet, soulful musical territory that lies between folk's lyrical honesty and pop music's ability to make us lose ourselves for a while. Lanier's looking to return to a time when pop music was crafted rather than manufactured. While not necessarily retro, Charm Ray's music recalls pop music perfectionists like Aztec Camera, Prefab Sprout, Crowded House, Erasure, The Smiths, and Tears for Fears. Fans of sophisti-pop bands like The Style Council, Sade, The Beautiful South, Belle & Sebastian, and Everything But the Girl should definitely check out 'Invisible Boy.' Standout songs like 'Invisible Boy' and 'The Sword Song' explore love in all of it's complexity, showing us that nothing is ever simple or entirely expected--not even a love song. With 'Here Comes The Breakdown' and 'The First Day,' Lanier shows a funkier side, exploring his blue-eyed soul without even a hint of irony.

1.1 The Sword Song
1.2 Here Comes the Breakdown
1.3 Thursday You're Gone
1.4 Invisible Boy
1.5 The First Day
1.6 Deep
1.7 Jimmy
1.8 What the World Is Coming to
1.9 Where's Caligula?
1.10 Make the Darkness Slide
1.11 Lullaby for Bots

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