Charnett Moffett

Charnett Moffett: For the Love of Peace

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Artist: Charnett Moffett
Title: For the Love of Peace

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that jazz music must be receptive to change and evolution. Charnett Moffett opens up a new world of possibilities with these spirited and sensational improvisations. Joined by family and friends, he take US on a uniqu. Piadrum.2004.

1.1 In the Beginning
1.2 I Love the Lord
1.3 Numbers
1.4 Free Spirit
1.5 Go Placidly
1.6 The Calling
1.7 The Sheperd
1.8 Forgiven
1.9 Who Took My Shopping Cart
1.10 Prayer
1.11 Spirit of Blues
1.12 Mercy and Grace
1.13 The Movement of Freedom
1.14 For the Love of Peace

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