Chas & Dave

Chas & Dave: Greatest Hits

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Artist: Chas & Dave

Artist: Chas & Dave
Title: Greatest Hits

Greatest hits collection from one of Britain's most enduring pop acts Chas & Dave. As unmistakeably cockney as Jellied Eels and Pearly Kings & Queens, their music has resisted trends for over four decades, taking in everything from bar room blues and classic rock & roll along the way. Includes the singles 'Rabbit' and 'Gertcha'.EMI.

1.1 Gertcha
1.2 Rabbit
1.3 The Sideboard Song
1.4 Ain't No Pleasing You
1.5 Margate
1.6 Poor Old Mr. Woogie
1.7 Long Time No See
1.8 Billy Tyler
1.9 I'm in Trouble
1.10 London Girls
1.11 NY Melancholy Baby
1.12 You Made Me Love You
1.13 'Wonder in Who's; Arms
1.14 The Banging in Your Head
1.15 Breathless (Live)
1.16 12th Street Rag
1.17 Somebody Stole My Girl
1.18 Wallop!
1.19 Strummin'
1.20 Snooker Loopy
1.21 [Untitled Track]

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