Chava Alberstein

Chava Alberstein: Chava Alberstein Sings Yiddish

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Artist: Chava Alberstein
Title: Chava Alberstein Sings Yiddish

Israeli super star Chava Alberstein began her amazing career as a singer of Yiddish folk songs.. After countless Israeli hit recordings, Miss Alberstein has recently returned to her Yiddish roots and has been on a Yiddish concert tour with the Klezmatics. This wonderful recording, consisting of 21 songs, is a compilation of the best selections from her original Yiddish albums and features Yiddish songs from Europe by such composers as Itzik Manger, Mordechai Gebirtig, Abraham Goldfaden, and many more. A great recording by one of the finest interpreters of Yiddish song. Included booklet contains lyrics to all the songs in Yiddish!

1.1 Avreml Der Marvicher
1.2 Amol Iz Geven a Maiseh
1.3 Tzigainer
1.4 Unter Dayne Vaise Shtern
1.5 Zog Nit Keinmol - the Partizan's Song
1.6 A Keshenever
1.7 Oif'n Veg Shteit a Boim
1.8 Reizele
1.9 Drei Tochterlech
1.10 Sora Zingt Yitzhakele a Shlof Lid
1.11 Hulyet, Hulyet Kinderlech
1.12 Hamavdil
1.13 Rabeynu Tam
1.14 Kinder Yorn
1.15 Rivkele
1.16 Dana Dana
1.17 Yankele
1.18 Oif'n Pripetchik
1.19 Melacheh - Melucheh
1.20 Zimer Tag
1.21 Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen

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