Chena Shavelson

Chena Shavelson: Zing

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Artist: Chena Shavelson

Artist: Chena Shavelson
Title: Zing

Chana Shavelson received her vocal training from Elizabeth Coss, a former principal artist with the Metropolitan Opera; Mark Aliapoulios, at the Boston University School for the Arts; and Miriam Meltzer, at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music. Chana has attended the Tanglewood Institute and appeared in operas and musicals in the Boston area. She currently performs the traditional Yiddish and Israeli folk repertoires as a solo artist.

1.1 Sha, Shtil!
1.2 A Nign
1.3 Dem Bal Shem Tovs Zemerl
1.4 Drei Yingelech
1.5 Homantashn
1.6 Margaritkelech
1.7 Oyfn Pripetchik
1.8 Tumbalayka
1.9 Donna Donna
1.10 Yadati

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