Cheryl E. Leonard

Cheryl E. Leonard: Chattermarks: Field Recordings from Palmer Station

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Artist: Cheryl E. Leonard
Title: Chattermarks: Field Recordings from Palmer Station

During the austral summer of 2008/09 I journeyed to Palmer Station, Antarctica on a grant from the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. I went to the Ice to create music using natural sounds and materials, but I began by simply listening. I needed to first experience, explore, and try to understand this unique place: it's ecosystems, weather, landscapes and sounds. So each day I roamed amongst the melting ice and bustling wildlife, searching out and recording Palmer's soundscapes. Some of these field recording "studies" have since been incorporated into my compositions, but many of them are fascinating and musical in their own right.

1.1 Beach Ad Lie Penguins
1.2 Ad Lie Colony Young Chicks
1.3 Ad Lie Colony Adolescent Chicks
1.4 Calving Marr
1.5 Shore Brash Ice
1.6 Cove Brash Ice
1.7 Elephant Seal Nap
1.8 Sparring Elephant Seals
1.9 Night Cove Elephant Seals 1
1.10 Night Cove Elephant Seals 2
1.11 Point 8 Underwater Brash
1.12 Brash and Growlers Underwater
1.13 Fizzy Iceberg Underwater
1.14 Deep Underwater Brash
1.15 Storm on Gamage Point

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