Chest Without a Heart

Chest Without a Heart: Animated Empire

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Artist: Chest Without a Heart
Title: Animated Empire

Chest Without a Heart started about 7 years ago. It started as a solo acoustic porject by Trent Lee. Since then, Trent has put out 2 full-length CDs. The 1st being Stardust Ocean, and the 2nd being Animated Empire. Trent has played and recruited a number of great musicians throughout the 7-year stretch. This album, Animated Empire, is the best we've seen or heard of Trent during his long and hard career. It features a number of Rock songs, a couple of beautiful Acoustic songs and some 'out there' songs. Chest Without a Heart is currently rehearsing for the Animated Empire shows that will be coming up shortly. For the live shows he has been granted with the great talents of: Marc Farrington (who helped record, produce and mix the album), J. Gilbert (who did the graphic design for the album), J.C. Reed (who has been playing music with Trent for over 10 years) and Dana Williamson (who played all violin and keyboard on Animated Empire). Have a listen and we hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

1.1 Friend of Mine
1.2 Modern Mistakes
1.3 I Don't Love, But I Need
1.4 A Simple Fact
1.5 Hello, Pluto
1.6 Entermission
1.7 Settle Down
1.8 Animated Empire
1.9 Cemetery Machine
1.10 Beyond the Wall
1.11 Ios
1.12 Camera

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