Chet Baker: In New York

Chet Baker: In New York
Artist: Chet Baker
Title: In New York

Isn't it funny? "East Coast vs West Coast" debates are almost universal. In the 90's it was hip hop, in the 70's it was funk, and in the 50s it was - you guessed it - bebop. This CD was recorded in the thick of the bebop "East v. West" wars; Chet Baker, the quintessential West coast trumpet player with laid back sound meets a stunning east coast rhythm section, the bass and drums of which are from Miles Davis's fame. The results are unique, masterful and phenomenal.

1.1 Fair Weather
1.2 Polka Dots and Moonbeams
1.3 Hotel 49
1.4 Solar
1.5 Blue Thoughts
1.6 When Lights Are Low
1.7 Soft Winds

Chet Baker: In New York

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