Chiayu / Morales / Ciompi Quartet / Chen

Chiayu / Morales / Ciompi Quartet / Chen: Journeys

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Artist: Chiayu / Morales / Ciompi Quartet / Chen
Title: Journeys

Chiayu's evocative music reflects her origins in Taiwan and responses to life in the West. Zhi explores counterpoint and Taiwanese rhythmic patterns, while Huan conjures up sounds from nature. Employing virtuoso non-traditional techniques, Twelve Signs portrays a complete cycle of character traits, while Journey to the West depicts an allegorical adventure towards enlightenment. Sparkle was inspired by fireworks and includes special brass-instrument effects, while Urban Sketches takes us on a walk through NYC, with electronic sounds interwoven seamlessly with those of the musicians.

1.1 Urban Sketches - Ricardo Morales/Clancy Newman/Natalie Zhu
1.2 Come Here! Come Here! (Adagio Pensieroso) - Coline-Marie Orliac
1.3 A Soft, Little, Whispered Love Song (Dolce Cantabile) - Coline-Marie Orliac
1.4 Climbed to the Edge and Fell (Allegro Agitato) - Coline-Marie Orliac
1.5 The Monkey King - the Ciompi Quartet
1.6 In the Winter - the Ciompi Quartet
1.7 The Journey - the Ciompi Quartet
1.8 Rat
1.9 Ox
1.10 Tiger
1.11 Rabbit
1.12 Dragon
1.13 Snake
1.14 Horse
1.15 Sheep
1.16 Monkey
1.17 Rooster
1.18 Dog
1.19 Pig
1.20 Sparkle - Various Performers
1.21 Andante, Misterioso - Hirono Oka/Hanchien Lee
1.22 Allegro, Parlando Con Leggerezza - Hirono Oka/Hanchien Lee
1.23 Adagio, Pensieroso - Hirono Oka/Hanchien Lee
1.24 Allegro, Agitato - Hirono Oka/Hanchien Lee

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