Chicane: Place You Can't Remember The Place You Can't Forget

Chicane: Place You Can&
Title: Place You Can't Remember The Place You Can't Forget
Label: Modena Records

It's been a long time! Three years since the last studio Chicane album. A lot of changes, personal and otherwise. And now, the new album, The Place You Can't Remember, The Place You Can't Forget, is her and released June 8, 2018. And, it reflects those changes in parts. A change of location and a return to the soul searching achingly addictive sounds of classic Chicane. Recorded in the new Modena 4 studio with a host of guest vocalists and writers. Perhaps, the most poignant for older followers will be Tracey Ackerman. She of No Ordinary Morning, who co-writes and performs what is the first single from a new album Serendipity. (Released May 4, Modena Records) So many people have said they have in some way anchored an experience, a time and an emotion to Chicane tracks, whether a sundown moment at Café Del Mar or some far off beach, a love affair, a birth and even a loss, somehow turning it all into a musical blanket. From the ethereal opening of Running to the Sea, the pure exuberance of Nirvana - if you pardon the pun - the coolness of Ten Deep, the plaintive I Came Here for You and the heartbreak of Fear I Must First Let You Go, there is something for all the emotions. It resonates with the Chicane of old and Chicane of now.

1.1 Running to the Sea
1.2 Gorecki
1.3 Serendipity
1.4 A Love That's Hard to Find
1.5 Chord - Less Yacht
1.6 Rainbow
1.7 Nirvana
1.8 Judder
1.9 I Came Here for You
1.10 Ten Deep
1.11 Fear I Must First Let You Go

Chicane: Place You Can't Remember The Place You Can't Forget

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