Chico Motel

Chico Motel: Transatlantic

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Artist: Chico Motel

Artist: Chico Motel
Title: Transatlantic

A burned out neon sign, $27/night, a garbage pile before the door, a blood-stained mattress: Chico Motel. Formed in Berkeley, CA in 1995, the band is now split between two continents -- Europe and North America. Influenced by Bach and the Beatles, jazz and metal, Chico Motel's second album of transatlantic pop-rock combines fun and melancholy. All songs are written, performed, and produced by Paolo Prandoni and Mike Gubser. Band members are Paolo Prandoni (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Ukulele, Harmonica, Drums) and Mike Gubser (Vocals, Keyboard, Trombone, Trumpet, Bayan, Singing Bowl, Penny Whistle, Mandolin, Drums).

1.1 Take Me Down
1.2 Icarus
1.3 Altunay Cafe
1.4 Hey Kid
1.5 Matchbook
1.6 Smile Sunshine
1.7 I'm Not Sane
1.8 A Good Start
1.9 You're Never As Old As You Think
1.10 Family Values
1.11 Snowdome
1.12 High School Reunion
1.13 I'll Be There
1.14 New Year
1.15 When the Work Is Done
1.16 Albania

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