Chin-Tai Wu Judy

Chin-Tai Wu Judy: Green Ark

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Artist: Chin-Tai Wu Judy
Title: Green Ark

Nature is a truly beautiful force Two-time Golden Melody Award winner Wu Judy Chin-tai, together with 10 talented musicians including Fan Zong-pei, Dong Yun-chang, Xie Wan-zhen, Wang Xin-xin, and Nie Lin, invites you to come aboard the Green Ark and listen to the sounds of genuine care for the land. Human beings should take the right stand Taiwanese nature music producer Wu Judy Chin-tai has spent more than ten years working on combining original music with the sounds of nature in new compositions, going from the forests to the ocean, constructing a new image of Taiwanese nature music. The creative concept behind Green Ark: The green principle that "to cherish the land is to cherish yourself." Wu uses music to write of the beautiful scenery of Taiwan and memories closely bound up with nature. This album uses music to express gratitude for the way Mother Earth nourishes all living things on the land and to pray that the earth will be blessed. "In many years of working in the open land, I have seen how nature's insects, birds and plants show their great capability to survive in the open country, blossoming in ultimate splendor, maintaining life. So I couldn't help wondering, what capabilities does my own life have? What flower can I produce? What fruit can I bear? My inquisitive explorations keep pushing me forward...." said Judy Chin-tai Wu.

1.1 Spirits of TH Wetlands
1.2 Dance of the Water Pheasant
1.3 The Colors of the Wind
1.4 The Stream Passing Through the Landscape
1.5 The Seasonal Birds on the Water
1.6 Golden Tranquility
1.7 Old Times
1.8 Riverside Bicycling
1.9 A Poem Called Clouds and Mist
1.10 Green Ark

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