China Clark

China Clark: Feelings of Love Not Yet Expressed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: China Clark

Title: Feelings of Love Not Yet Expressed
Label: Folkways Records

Founded by China Clark, Jo-Anne McKnight, and Amirh Bahati, the Neo Black Women in Poetry is a collaborative poetry group "formed to expose the diversity among Black Women but more importantly, to bring about the unity of souls - Black/White, Man/Woman. " in this collection of twenty poems it is often unclear where the artistry of one poet ends and the other begins, creating instead a cohesive concept formed from unique and individual expression.

1.1 Brown Sugar / I'm Love / I Am Amirh Bahati / a Gift of Love / the Meeting / a Gift of Love / Prayin and Making Love / Then, I Remembered / a Gift of Love / the Dance of Forever
1.2 Black Messiah / Creation / Elemental Entry / Sunshine / Warmth / Creation / Motion / Elemental Entry - Sea / Creation / Peacan Pie / Creation

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