Chinese Goblin Factory

Chinese Goblin Factory: City of Glass

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Artist: Chinese Goblin Factory
Title: City of Glass

Chinese Goblin Factory's debut EP has appeared on podcasts and radio programs including college and commercial radio stations in the United States, Canada, and England. IDM Forums included the tune 'Die, Moe Koo' on their 2009 'Continuum' collection, and tracks have been featured on the Unique Beats Podcast, KXLU's 'Demolisten' podcast and BB6 Radio's 'Introducing' program. REGEN Magazine gives City of Glass by Chinese Goblin Factory 4 out of 5 stars, and says: 'City of Glass is akin to a painting by Dali... There are whispers to 'break the structure' and Chinese Goblin Factory fulfills that aim in spades. City of Glass may startle followers of the more traditional EBM at first, but the complexity of the album merits listening.' Eclectomatic eZine says: 'Orchestral meets breakcore, avant-garde, the spectrum of experimental, the east and dare I say a hint of jazz, this is probably one of the most captivating bands I have discovered in recent times. ' BBC Radio's Tom Robinson says: 'Barking mad sonic extravaganza flawlessly produced by insane LA beatmeister. Crikey' Review by Pearl's Girl on Amazing EP - Never a dull moment! I am so glad I checked this EP out - it was well worth it! I would be hard-pressed to put the music style into any category, but for discussion's sake I'll call it IDM. City of Glass starts out with The Day, which despite the intricate, aggressive rhythm and percussion coveys a real sense of mood and leaves the listener feeling haunted by the ending phrase. Secret Message reminds me happily of the first time I listened to Skinny Puppy's 'Bites'. Not that Secret message is derivative by any means, but there's something familiar and wonderfully new in it - add that to the choral section and this track really finishes itself in a fashion that is no less than epic. The next track Die, Moe Koo absolutely refuses to be categorized and defies the listener to take a breath. Somewhere between the Buddhist chanting, the relentless cascade of percussion and the mad orchestra I am sure you can find the deity of your choice ducking for cover.'City of Glass' begins deceptively calm and before you know it you're dragged into, what is so well illustrated as, a frantic city-scape. This piece is a ride you must experience for yourself and is justly the title piece. The EP finishes with 'Silence!' which is a delight for me to hear such truly nasty-breakcore but with a melodic spin, it's a great finish. Overall, 'City of Glass' is a jaw-droppingly good EP and my only complaint would be that it's not a full album. 'City of Glass' is never a one-trick pony and each piece is so masterfully delivered it's galling that I can't find any more work from CGF. I really can't wait to hear more work from Chinese Goblin Factory and will be first in line for the next release.

1.1 The Day (With You / Without You)
1.2 Secret Message
1.3 Die, Moe Koo
1.4 City of Glass
1.5 Silence!

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