Chino: These Were Different Times

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chino

Title: These Were Different Times
Label: Sister Raygun Record

Led by ex-Monkey 101 bassist Paul K.'s hook-driven songwriting, Chino plays lo-fi indie rock that is equal parts melodic pop and raw noise recalling bands like Flaming Groovies, the Replacements, and Superchunk. Chino has played shows throughout the Philadelphia region with their most notable appearance opening for Guided by Voices. On their newest album These Were Different Times

1.1 She's a Receiver
1.2 It Was Never Going to Be Easy
1.3 Get on My Cloud
1.4 Visions Like Her
1.5 Legacy
1.6 Enjoy the Process
1.7 R ; D
1.8 Enter Shallow
1.9 Good Health and Fine Spirits
1.10 Live with It
1.11 I'm Descended
1.12 A Girl with a Lot of Heart
1.13 Leave Me Alone
1.14 Care

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