Chinx: Welcome to JFK

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Artist: Chinx

Artist: Chinx
Title: Welcome to JFK

If ever there was an artist poised to explode out of new York City it was the artist Chinx. He was both the leader of the Coke Boys, the #1 posse group in the Tristate Area; and was also the partner of French Montana, co-writing many of his hits, and performing with him on hundreds of concerts the past few years. Unfortunately, on May 17th 2015 Chinx was brutally murdered in Queens New York. This set off an unprecedented amount of media and social networking activity, culminating in the fact that the announcement of his funeral was out-trending David Letterman, the morning after his finale. With this debut album, Welcome To JFK, Chinx gives us all a first-person peek into his city s rougher crevices; the album will also feature French Montana and Rick Ross.

1.1 Experimental
1.2 Far Rock (Feat. Stack Bundles)
1.3 Go Get It
1.4 The Other Side (Feat. Ty Dolla $Ign)
1.5 Yay
1.6 Thug Love (Feat. Jeremih)
1.7 How to Get Rich
1.8 On Your Body (Feat. Meet Sims)
1.9 Don't Mind Me (Feat. Meet Sims)
1.10 Pray (Feat. Lil Durk)
1.11 Hey Fool (Feat. Nipsey Hussle and Zack)
1.12 Die Young (Feat. Meet Sims, French Montana and Zack)

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