Chloe Makes Music

Chloe Makes Music: Puppeteer

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Artist: Chloe Makes Music
Title: Puppeteer

In October 2009, Deli SF readers voted Chloe Makes Music (CMM) their artist of the month. Around the same time, Chloe enlisted longtime friend, and frontman of the Morning Benders, Christopher Chu to produce her debut full-length record. The album sees a departure for CMM-from a pared down minimalism of guitar and cello to a larger, fuller sound. Chu brought his unique brand of arrangement to the panoply of instruments featured on The Puppeteer, which includes guitar, piano, violin, cello, harmonium, saw, accordion, banjo, clarinet, and glockenspiel. Listening to CMM live, it's hard not to be captivated; she typically plays to a silent and rapt audience. Her haunting songs weave stories of memory, loss, nature, and art, with what the Bay Bridged called "agile and buoyant melodies." In her soft, vulnerable voice Chloe takes on dark narratives (three of the songs on the album are tributes to three young people who passed away in the last few years) and renders them heartbreaking and beautiful. Imbued with imagery from her upbringing on the California coasts and in the tropics and farmland of Kauai, CMM's lyrics are a combination of the mythic and the quotidian (the track "Apollo & Daphne" is based on the myth as told in Ovid's Metamorphoses, while the track "Wormwood" explores Chloe's day-to-day relationship with wild birds). Striking a delicate balance between autobiographical and tall tales, CMM's meditated manipulation of words, and her flair for alliteration, syntax, and rhyme, make each song nothing less than a sung poem. Growing up listening to the greatest lyricists and harmonizers of her parents' generation, CMM lists Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills & Nash as key influences, along with folk contemporaries like Joanna Newsom and Sufjan Stevens. Combining poetic, tongue-twisting lyrics with lush, multiple-part harmonies, CMM's music is both timeless and inventive.

1.1 Apollo ; Daphne
1.2 Wingnut
1.3 Island of Snakes
1.4 Georgia Peach
1.5 Bows ; Arrows
1.6 Murphey's Law
1.7 Wormwood
1.8 The Duel (Feat. Christopher Chu)
1.9 The Puppeteer

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