Cho-Liang Lin

Cho-Liang Lin: Postcards from China

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Artist: Cho-Liang Lin

Artist: Cho-Liang Lin
Title: Postcards from China

Fu-Tong Wong was born in Guangdong Province, China in 1948. He is a graduate of Kent State University School of Music, and is a violin educator, writer, composer, and music theorist. He currently resides in Taiwan and is a professor at the Department of Music, Tainan University of Technology. The fourteen pieces collected here were written in the span of several decades. Track 6-10, part of the Suite: Dream of my Motherland, were written in 1976, before Wong had recieved any formal composing training. The four folk songs (track 11-14) and two Chinese dances were written between 1981-82, when he was still studying basic harmony, counterpoint, and structure. Xi-Shi Fantasy and the two variation themes were written after 1992, when his primary focus was on orchestral and chamber music. Although only three violin pieces were composed during that time, Wong considered them to be better than his earlier works, espeically Xi Shi, which he tried to incorporate Bach's influences into the original Chinese Opera. Wong felt extremely fortunate to have world-renowned artists performing and recording his works. The recordings were done in Rice University's Concert Hall in May, 2010 by Grammy Award winner Da-Hong Seetoo.

1.1 XI Shi Fantasy
1.2 Variations on the Theme of Anping Ballade
1.3 Variations on the Theme of Hoyahue
1.4 Chinese Dance in D
1.5 Chinese Dance in E / Suite: Dream of My Motherland
1.6 South of Yangtse River
1.7 Sheng Dance
1.8 Remembrance
1.9 Song of the Horse Wagon
1.10 Hand-Drum Dance / An Arrangement of Chinese Folk Songs
1.11 Mongolian Folk Song
1.12 Drum Dance
1.13 Tibetan Love Song
1.14 Ali Mountain Song

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