Chopin / Slobodkin

Chopin / Slobodkin: Great Cellist

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Product Type: CD

Title: Great Cellist
Label: Melodiya

Yakov Slobodkin is by right considered one of the greatest cellists of the 20th century. He was a brilliant virtuoso who possessed a refined performing taste, temperamental manner and unique artistic individuality. On the occasion of Yakov Slobodkin's 95th anniversary, Firma Melodiya releases Encore, an album of the legendary musician's recordings. It is rather difficult to think of a recital containing miniatures only, but it is a small format that gives a performer a unique possibility to show his or her skills and performing culture during jut a few minutes. An ability to create something unforgettable for two or three minutes assumes a high mastery of a performer. That is why Slobodkin's miniatures matter so much today as a high example, especially for the young generation of cellists. The wealth of expressive capabilities of the cello, subtle sense of style and richness of artistic phrasing distinguish his performance of Russian works. His cello sounds lightly and gracefully in virtuosic and dance melodies. That's when you feel that his manner is peculiar for it's unusual warmth and sentiment while being ultimately perfect technically. Yakov Slobodkin played a number of encores at each of his recitals. Luckily, we are able to listen to these small masterpieces once more.

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