Chosin Few

Chosin Few: Million Dollar Plot

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chosin Few

Title: Million Dollar Plot
Label: CD Baby

The Chosin Few formed in 2004 and they are based out of Stockton California, the Chosin Few consists of two rappers sidiztic and amoe, they make all there own original beats, production, recording and artwork. You may have heard the single 'bar-hoppin' on xm satelite radio, or you may have seen them perform live throughout California and Nevada with artists such as living legendz, the jacka, dru down, and okwerdz, either way one thing's for sure they put there blood sweat and tears in this album and this is by far there best release yet and also contains a free instrumental from sidiztic beats for all the listeners that like to rap as well.

1.1 Intro
1.2 It's a Crazy Life
1.3 Put It in the Air
1.4 Mob-Life
1.5 Body N Da Trunk
1.6 Bar-Hoppin
1.7 Northern-Cali
1.8 Gettin It How I Live
1.9 Time 4 a Change
1.10 Goldenstate
1.11 Bitch-Please
1.12 For the Homies
1.13 Sexy White Rapper
1.14 Who I Be
1.15 Str8T-Laced
1.16 How I Ride
1.17 Cali-Grown
1.18 Sicker Than Cancer
1.19 Can't See Me
1.20 Bonus Track
1.21 Bonus Beat

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