Chrash: See Thru Music

Chrash: See Thru Music
Title: See Thru Music
Label: CD Baby

5 years together now Chrash is the brainchild of former Tripmaster Monkey singer Chris Bernat. The music owes something to the Police, The Kinks, Guided by Voices and Wings. The songs evoke a range of feelings from sadness to elation and back down to the everyday contemplations common among middle aged free thinking quirky pop song crafters. The songs offer glimpses into possible worlds and strange memories, that point the listener in the direction of contemplative classic modern rock.

1.1 Soul and Fire
1.2 Great Costumes
1.3 Stay Where You Are
1.4 Windows and Doors
1.5 Not So Fast
1.6 Not Tired

Chrash: See Thru Music

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