Chris Allen Band

Chris Allen Band: You Are

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Artist: Chris Allen Band
Title: You Are

The Chris Allen Band is a contemporary Christian praise and worship band from Orlando, Florida. They are originally from the Houston, Texas area. The band consists of Chris Allen (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Chris Shippey (drums), Cordy Raney (lead guitar) and Michael Harrison (bass guitar). The goal of the band is to simply lead people in worship, and their new CD, "You Are", contains 12 original songs that do just that. \'This album really expresses the heart behind our ministry, which is to point people\'s hearts and minds towards the greatness of God\', sais lead singer Chris Allen. The project titled \'You Are\', contains brand new worship anthems like \'God Is Bigger\' and \'Firstborn Of Creation\' as well as a timeless hymn, \'It Is Well\', with a new chorus on it, \'I Trust In You\'. Whether it is a brand new song or an old hymn that has been passed down through generations, the heart of the Chris Allen Band is that the music will bring Glory and Praise to God, who deserves it all.

1.1 Thank You Lord
1.2 Firstborn of Creation
1.3 You Satisfy
1.4 It Is Well (I Trust in You)
1.5 God Is Bigger
1.6 Reason
1.7 Forever Free
1.8 You Are
1.9 I Adore You
1.10 What Can Compare
1.11 For Your Glory
1.12 Take Me Back

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