Chris Alvino: Go

Chris Alvino: Go
Title: Go
Label: CD Baby

Reviewer: James Plath from New York I can't take this CD out of my stereo. Alvino's words are a must have for anyone who has lost someone they loved, whether it be through death (see track 4: 'Papparelli') or a relationship gone sour, the music on this CD will be sure to soothe a broken and yearning heart. While the songs are all about loss, Alvino's voice and the music itself is eclectic and changing. The opening tune is a great one, setting the tone for the entire CD and reminds me of a young James Taylor, but one needs only to listen to track 3, 'Listening to the Wind' (alone worth the price of the CD) for evidence that this guy knows what he's writing about and was able to more than effectively nail it down on this recording. Alvino has all the right tools and while this certainly is a dark CD, it has a few upbeat tracks, such as the title track, 'Go', which are at once poignant and uplifting, the perfect remedy for a melancholy mind and a broken heart. It doesn't take alot of know that someone's done something right, that this is an excellent CD and that hopefully the world will hear from Chris Alvino again sometime soon.

1.1 Go Away Clouds
1.2 Oh I Love You So
1.3 Listening to the Wind
1.4 Paparelli
1.5 Nothing There to Do
1.6 Go (Demo)
1.7 Your Name
1.8 It Doesn't Take Alot of Time
1.9 I'm Done
1.10 Go

Chris Alvino: Go

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