Chris Beaty

Chris Beaty: Sax in Santa Fe

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Artist: Chris Beaty

Artist: Chris Beaty
Title: Sax in Santa Fe

'Turkish Blues' is a cool original composition with a mixture of Middle-Eastern percussion and tonality super-imposed into a traditional blues form with slightly altered changes. Contemporary jazz vocalist Michael Herndon is featured on a sultry-smooth rendition of the jazz standard 'When Sunny Gets Blue' along with a beautiful violin acc. By Eileen MacNaughton as well as a soulful sax solo by Chris in the middle. The 6-piece original titled 'Blackwater Draw Bubbling', inspired by the archeological dig near Portales, New Mexico, is a modern fusion-type tune featuring a funky bass line and top-notch solo work by Chris on tenor, Bobby Shew on trumpet, Glenn Kostur on bari and last but not least Rob 'Milo' Jaramillo on electric bass. A blues-inspired gospel arrangement of the Stephen Foster classic 'My Old Kentucky Home' with spicy solos by Bert Dalton on piano and Chris on tenor makes you long for the sweet bluegrass and rolling hills of Kentucky. Vocalist Michael Herndon is featured once again on a wonderful child-like playful rendition of the Bobby Timmons standard 'Dat Dere'. This chart also has a hot bebop & blues sax solo between lyrical verses. Jazz guru Bobby Shew is front and center as he takes an impressive leap into the Ellington ballad 'In a Sentimental Mood'. Flugelhorn fans will not want to miss this solo as Bobby caresses each chord change with his lyrical mastery. Chris picks up the flute for the melody to the standard 'Blue Bossa' but it is performed here in three as opposed to the traditional four. Smooth and mellow solo choruses are featured on this track by Bert Dalton-piano as well as Chris on tenor. 'Results May Very' is an original and fitting end to the album with improvisation always a centerpiece of jazz performance you can bet that the end results do indeed vary. Quirky, cool, fun and swanky all describe the last track that will leave you satisfied yet longing for more all in one brilliant compact disc.

1.1 Turkish Blues
1.2 When Sunny Gets Blue
1.3 Blackwater Draw Bubbling
1.4 My Old Kentucky Home
1.5 Dat Dere
1.6 In a Sentimental Mood
1.7 Blue Bossa
1.8 Results May Vary

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