Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh: Getaway

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Artist: Chris De Burgh

Artist: Chris De Burgh
Title: Getaway

1982 full length album from the British rocker, produced by Rupert Hine. Thanks to relentless touring with Supertramp at the time, de Burgh built up a fan base in the U.S. with the Top 40 success of the single "Don't Pay the Ferryman", a high energy tale that is among his best recordings.

1.1 Don't Pay the Ferryman
1.2 Living on the Island
1.3 Crying and Laughing
1.4 I'm Counting on You
1.5 Getaway
1.6 Ship to Shore
1.7 All the Love I Have Insid
1.8 Borderline
1.9 Where Peaceful Waters Flo
1.10 Revolution
1.11 Light a Fire
1.12 Liberty

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