Chris Dunnett

Chris Dunnett: It's Alive One

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chris Dunnett

Title: It's Alive One
Label: CD Baby

The 3rd CD from guitar monster Chris Dunnett is an 'Enhanced CD' featuring new songs as well as 'Paint It Black' (The Rolling Stones), 'The Munster's Theme', 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)' (Eiffel 65), Rainbow In The Dark' (Dio), 'Fade To Black' (Metallica), 'Circles' (Joe Satriani) and live versions of songs from his first two CDs 'El Samuraichi' & 'Higher Glyphics'. 'It's Alive One' is 100% live. No part of this was re-recorded in a studio. The 'enhanced' feature gives you access to a hidden web page Chris calls 'the hidden laboratory of goodies' where you can download more songs, interviews, and guitar instructional material. 'It's Alive One' is an over an hour long and gives a sample of Chris' onstage humor in between songs.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Yo Se Que Yo Puedo
1.3 Character Medley
1.4 Missing Lisette
1.5 Fade to Black (Excerpt)
1.6 Blue (Da Ba Dee)
1.7 Seppuku
1.8 Rainbow in the Dark
1.9 Maleguena
1.10 Paint It Black
1.11 The Munster's Theme
1.12 Circles
1.13 I Believe Bari Can Fly
1.14 I Am Willing to Do
1.15 Mystery Book
1.16 Duende
1.17 Pyramid
1.18 Miles Away

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