Chris Durham

Chris Durham: Words & Music

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Artist: Chris Durham

Artist: Chris Durham
Title: Words & Music

Chris Durham grew up listening to Crosby Stills and Nash, the Beatles, Frank Zappa, the Talking Heads, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Shostakovich, Mozart, Bela Bartok and George Gershwin. He went to college and studied jazz piano and classical composition. He spent a good part of the 90s playing in small clubs and coffee houses with two female singers in a group called MADCOW. They did a lot of the songs that are on this CD and Amanda helped to write the Catnip Mouse song. The rest of the time Chris spent playing jazz piano gigs with the guys he used for his backup band on this CD. The combination of very good jazz musicians and the quirky folk pop tunes is exactly what the songwriter ordered and he hopes it is pleasing to the listener. After Chris finished writing this he realized just how silly it was to keep referring to himself in the third person. I hope you like the music. Chris.

1.1 It Don't Come Easy
1.2 Only Love
1.3 Baby, It's All Right
1.4 River of Sorrow
1.5 Catnip Mouse
1.6 Through a Fog/Run Away
1.7 Codependant Lover
1.8 Moonlight Bossa
1.9 In My Loving Arms
1.10 Simple Minded Fool
1.11 Dreamworld
1.12 More Than I Deserve
1.13 You Just Can't Win

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