Chris Fallis: Chris Fallis

Chris Fallis: Chris Fallis
Title: Chris Fallis
Label: CD Baby

This music, every cut, tells a story about love and the complications and beautiful relationships that go in and out of it's reach. Though each is true for the artist, they are performed in such a manner that everyone who hears will feel as if they were written solely for and about them. This album is such an easy way to sit and listen to your own life being played out in front of you.

1.1 By the Fire
1.2 Cold Shoulder
1.3 How Do You
1.4 It's Gone
1.5 Why Worry
1.6 Where Did You Go My Love
1.7 That's What I Called Love
1.8 Let Me Hold You
1.9 Once Again
1.10 See It Through
1.11 A Good Gal
1.12 Goodbye My Pearl

Chris Fallis: Chris Fallis

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