Chris Jane

Chris Jane: Watching the Leaves Go By

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chris Jane

Title: Watching the Leaves Go By
Label: CD Baby

'You guys might not be ready for this yet, but your kids are gonna love it.' - Back To The Future Chris Jane is an Acoustic Christian Folk singer and songwriter from Big Rapids Michigan. He combines influences like James Taylor, Paul Baloche, Nick Drake, Jeff Tweedy, Bob Dylan, and Sufjan Stevens with lyrics that spring from a very deep and personal faith in God. Fluent in both strumming and fingerstyle patterns, his music has a wide range of intense and dynamic colors and feelings, with the ability to become the soundtrack to your life. At 11 months old, Chris was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. The doctor's had the difficult task of informing his mother that her baby boy would not survive the night. Chris' white blood cell count, they explained, was off the charts and even if he survived, he would never be able to function like other children, would never read, write or be able to walk and talk. Six separate spinal taps were administered over the next several days, including Chris' first birthday, which was spent with his mother and nurses gathered around his bed. Miraculously, Chris made a full recovery and determined early on that he is not going to waste this opportunity. "I'm here for a reason. I'm going to spend my life trying to live up to it." His first CD release: "Watching The Leaves Go By" is a reflection on that purpose, and on the beauty and pain that comes with trying to survive this thing called life.

1.1 I'm Grateful
1.2 What Is Good
1.3 Now I Know
1.4 I'm Glad You Came
1.5 Heaven Came Down
1.6 Thank You Jesus
1.7 Watching the Leaves Go By
1.8 So I Can Stay with You
1.9 Who I've Always Been
1.10 I Wondered

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