Chris Lord Ideal

Chris Lord Ideal: Sunday in New York

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Artist: Chris Lord Ideal
Title: Sunday in New York

Bridging the past with the future in blues rock SUNDAY IN NEW YORK was recorded off the floor with the least of overdubs . The musical sounds showcase the eclectic stylings of the Chris Lord Ideal. From the pop of SUNDAY IN NEW YORK to the all out jam,s of STAR FOR THE SUMMER this CD shows where music will go in the next century .This CD is the beginning of a three part CD story, the 2nd CD called Chris Lord Ideal was followed by SEVEN DWARFS which are currently available on our web site but soon to be here at CD baby. We hope you enjoy. Peace CHRIS LORD: lead guitars, vocals WALTER LUCK: ryhthm guitar SCOTTY K: drums GORD X: bass produced by KEN GREAR co-produced: ALLISON GRANDE recorded at cherry beach TORONTO CANADA.

1.1 Sunday in New York
1.2 Song #1
1.3 Love Hotel
1.4 Mississippi Mushroom Trip
1.5 Star for the Summer
1.6 Star for the Summer (Reprise)
1.7 Promised Land
1.8 Scotty K Special
1.9 She's Outta Sight
1.10 Forgiveness
1.11 Money Talks

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