Chris Vonn & La

Chris Vonn & La: Almost Noon

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chris Vonn & La

Title: Almost Noon
Label: CD Baby

La Vonn grew up in the northern breadbasket of California, loving everybody and getting punished for it as her reward. She found that loving words was something that loved her back and a partnership was formed. With a voice like no other, and that no one could forget, she found no assistance in the desolate central valley from anyone to help her find it's place. The secrets in her heart and the little things she has witnessed and endured have become songs about all of us. Chris grew up in the San Fernando Valley, saw the Beatles twice. That wrecked his life, so he stumbled down that road as a musician. Further careening led to his becoming a very fine record producer and engineer responsible for the great critically acclaimed Acetone, Black Watch and Medicine records among many others. From there he went on to even further disaster. An addiction to coffee and conversation led to him finding the voice he has searched for all his life. Damn Beatles. Where they go from here only time will tell.

1.1 Guerillas
1.2 Flying
1.3 Nothing More
1.4 One More Time

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