Chris Wolf

Chris Wolf: If My Shawl Could Sing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chris Wolf

Artist: Chris Wolf
Title: If My Shawl Could Sing

Quietly weaving it's way into Prayer Shawl Ministries across the globe, (40 states and 13 countries today) this is Music to Knit By, to Crochet and Pray. Each track is unique, combined with a powerful spiritual element to fill your soul and your projects.

1.1 Light a Candle
1.2 Big World House
1.3 Comfort in Our Sorrows
1.4 Come to Me
1.5 If My Shawl Could Sing
1.6 Keep Me Safe
1.7 You Knit Me
1.8 Caught
1.9 9 Blessings 9
1.10 In the Silence
1.11 Labyrinth
1.12 Rainbow of Hope
1.13 Alright in the End

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