Chris Workman

Chris Workman: Cakes & Ale

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chris Workman

Artist: Chris Workman
Title: Cakes & Ale

Chris Workman & the High Thread Count are a refreshing new blend of pop/rock/Americana headed by lead songwriter, pianist, and vocalist, Chris Workman. This is Workman's 3rd album of original material. Many amazing musicians play with the band on this disc such as Charlie McCoy, Aiyb Dieng, David Johnson, Jimmy Bowland, and many other outstanding players and engineers in the industry. You are sure to enjoy and respect this new sound from an up and coming artist and his players. Pick it up and put it in the cart today!!!

1.1 Freeway
1.2 Where I've Been
1.3 If You Could Be My Baby
1.4 Shoulda Known Better
1.5 May This Be Love (Jimi Hendrix)
1.6 Goin' Down
1.7 Am I Supposed to Believe?
1.8 If You Could Be So Kind
1.9 Lay It on Me
1.10 Long Way from Innocence
1.11 Monday Never Comes
1.12 Speak Easy
1.13 Cakes and Ale
1.14 You Lost Me Today

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